Group RRSP

A Group RRSP is a collection of individual RRSPs offered to employees by their sponsoring employer. Contributions are taken from the employee's pre-tax pay through payroll deductions, reducing their tax burden immediately. Contributions are then deposited into their RRSP as specified.

By contributing a small percentage of your income on a regular basis, you will build a nest egg that will help provide the security and retirement income you'll need to achieve financial independence after retirement.

There are a variety of flexible retirement-savings products for Canadian groups, including

  • Defined contributions pension plans,
  • Registered retirement savings plans, 
  • Deferred profit-sharing plans, 
  • Non-registered savings plans, 
  • Employee share ownership plans, and 
  • Investment only services for defined benefit plans. 

Support Services:

  • Diverse investment managers and funds (plus multi-manager mandates), 
  • Tailored plan designs, 
  • Automated tools to help plan sponsors manage administration, plus
  • Education resources to engage members in planning actively for retirement.

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Group RRSP

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